Agency Audits & Performance Evaluation

Even companies that like their agency partners and think they are doing a good job should conduct an agency performance audit at least once per year.

Getting an objective third party view is often what is needed to push your agency to achieve top performance. It may also bring light to new digital marketing channels that your agency is not leveraging on your behalf. In an ever changing digital marketing landscape many companies have outdated best practices and/or technology  websites and email programmes that are years behind best practice, failing to engage their stakeholders, generate leads, build brand equity and create the real value they could.A digital marketing audit provides the fast track to understand how your digital investments are working and what’s needed to accelerate ROI. They give an expert view, independent of your teams, agencies and stakeholders. They deliver insights quickly and include key recommendations as well as prioritizing critical issues.

What do we review in an audit?

  • Performance
  • Contract Compliance
  • Time Management
  • Scope of work follow through

How a digital agency performance audit will help your company

  1. Reduce agency apathy
  2. Identify new channel opportunities
  3. Ensure contracted scope of services is being met
  4. Validates agency reporting
  5. Verify media bought is being served

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