Digital Strategy Consulting

The core philosophy of our agency is the belief that all companies deserve to have quality services based on the desire to achieve results. This is why we are not focused on a single tactic. What works well for one company may not for another. Our digital strategy consulting services are designed to help our clients leverage opportunities that exist in the marketplace. We analyze your competitive market, gain an understanding of your target audience, and identify the tactics that will allow you to keep pace with the competition and ideally outmaneuver them.

a plan of action or policy designed to achieve a major or overall aim.

Digital Strategy Consulting Process

The process that Guidant uses to develop your digital strategy is tailored to each client. Most of the companies that we work with are already engaged with some digital marketing tactics and many have in house personnel dedicated to managing campaigns. for these companies we offer customized digital strategy consulting services designed to identify new opportunities and improve existing campaigns. For companies that don’t have resouces or a defined strategy we offer full service outsourced digital marketing strategy and support.

Gain Insights

To achieve success with digital marketing requires that for us to gain a deep understanding of your company, products and services, the competitive marketplace, and your potential customers. Our process starts with determining what resources your company has and a complete a simple Digital Marketing Audit including review of:

  • Agency Partners
  • Internal Competencies
  • Current Tactics
  • Establish Goals & KPI’s

Once we have completed the initial audit we work to gain insights about your customers and potential customers. When we understand your target audience and their digital behaviors we combine this with the other insights that we have learned about your company and the competition to craft an initial digital strategy. This includes the selection of the most appropriate digital marketing channels, creation of workflow plans with internal and external resources, and development of a measurement and analytics framework.

Select Tactics

Most companies think that they have a digital marketing strategy because they are using one or several different ‘tactics”. When we develop a strategy we work to identify the best tactics that will work togetherrand be implemented to achieve your objectives. The tactics are driven by the objectives. For example, if your goal is to retain more customers or bring back old customers, the focus might be on email and CRO. Other tactics are better for filling your sales funnel.

  1. SEO – Search Engine Optimization
  2. PPC – Paid Search
  3. Display Advertising & Retargeting
  4. Content Marketing
  5. Email Marketing & Newsletters
  6. Affiliate
  7. Chat
  8. Social Media
  9. Webinars
  10. Conversation Rate Optimization
  11. Web Design & Development

The goal when identifying tactics is to find the right mix that will achieve your objectives and our expertise using these tactics helps companies avoid spending time or money on tactics that don’t lead towards reaching your objectives.

Implement Strategy

Provides details of the tactics which ensure high quality execution of the plan.  The Action Plan includes systems, processes, who will doing the work, when will the work be done, and what is the recommended budget.
  • Determine Who Will Implement- the action plan will outline who who will work on the individual components of the strategy and outline their role(s). This guides both internal and external communication.
  • When – There may be several stages to any strategy so the plan will outline when certain tactics will be initiated and the flight dates for any advertising campaigns.
  • Budget – We always strive to set the action plan based on your budget. In cases where budget is not defined we make recommendations. It is highly recommended that all companies have an ongoing test budget in order to integrate new tactics on a test basis that may be outside the initial budget for the primary tactics.


All companies that engage in digital marketing want all of their efforts to be measurable. When a digital marketing strategy is developed it must also include control systems in order to determine is the objectives that have been set are being met. The process of establishing these control includes:
  • KPI’s – What will be measured?
  • Responsibility – Who will handle measurement?
  • Frequency – How often will measurements occur?
  • Actions when objectives are not being met or are above targets
  • Does your website perform properly?
  • Are you getting the right visitors?
  • Usability Testing
  • Are visitors satisfied – survey
  • Conversion Optimization
  • Multi-channel funnel analysis
 We start this process by Establishing a measurement & analytics framework which ensures that tactics can be measured and benchmarks can be established.