Digital Marketing Audit

For clients that are already utilizing some digital marketing tactics and want an assessment we offer a digital marketing audit. Often times this is the first step in the assessment of your current agency partners or need a more robust strategy.

Components of a Digital Marketing Audit

While not all audits will be the same, we have developed a 4 step process that we go through for each client in varying degrees of detail. The level of detailed is determined by the amount of existing data already in place, timing, and budget.

Step 1: The Big Picture

Prior to the creation of a strategy it is important to take a snapshot of the current state of your business and marketing efforts. Many of our clients have not answered the basic questions and most haven’t established a good measurement framework. It is important to know where your company is right now in order to choose the right path for the future.

Setting Goals – You need to define your goals in order to achieve them. You also need to be able to effectively measure campaigns against your established goals.

Benchmarking – Do you have a properly implemented analytics framework to measure these goals? If not we will establish this along with attribution models and compare these to your competition.

Identify Target Markets & Personas – We gain an understanding of your demographics and audience needs then determine whether different segments that require a different approach or messaging?

Resources – Do you work with an agency? Does your company have internal resources?

Step 2: SWOT Analysis

The next step is to identify what your company is already doing well and where you need to make improvements. We also want to identify tactics that you are not leveraging which may work well for you. Finally it is important to get an understanding of the possible threats which may exist whether they are internal or external.Strengths & Weaknesses – We analyze of your current and previous tactics  to determine what you doing well and what are you not doing well.

Opportunities & Threats – We start with Competitive Analysis to gain an understanding of the tactics your competitors using and doing well and determine how can you outmaneuver them. Are there any first mover advantage opportunities that you can use to get an advantage over your competitors?

Step 3: Channel Analysis

It is important to keep in mind that sales and leads don’t typically happen the first time someone engages with your company. This truth has been accepted by marketers long for the internet existed but many marketers only measure channel success by direct attribution. The truth is that most website conversions only happen with multiple connections so some marketing efforts may be strong contributor by assisting conversions.Channel analysis focuses on the primary digital marketing tactics that most companies use today including:

  • Search Engine Optimization
  • SEM or Paid Search (including PLA’s – product listing ads)
  • Social Media
  • Email & Newsletters
  • Content Marketing (blogging, video, webinars, ebooks, whitepapers, etc.)
  • Digital Display Advertising (including retargeting and social advertising)
  • Mobile

Most companies are using one or two of these tactics which often means that there are opportunities to leverage. We also find that many times companies are not emphasizing the right channels.

Step 4: Funnel Analysis

Your website is getting traffic but does that traffic perform? Do you have an accurate measurement & analytics framework in place to understand channel attribution? If you don’t it becomes paramount to get a proper setup in place and establish benchmarks from which current and future marketing efforts can be measured. Once we have the benchmarks and analyze your current channels the next step is maximize the performance of those channels. Certain channels are going to be better for filling the funnel while other tactics will be more powerful to nurture that traffic to convert into customers.When we analyze your traffic we will get a complete picture of how well your website and marketing tactics are working together.

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