Agency Search FAQ’s

Why shouldn’t I handle the agency review in-house, without an outside search consultant?
Guidant can customize our level of involvement during your search. This ranges from being a fully immersed extension of your company to being simply in a “behind the scenes” advisory role. Our service gives your company an independent and impartial view of the selection and we

Won’t a search consultant cost me more than if I do the search myself?
From our experience we know that any additional costs can be offset by several factors including: time savings, resource allocation savings, and better contract terms with your agency of choice.

What is the best way to choose agencies to participate in the review?
Part of our agency search & selection service usually includes identification of agencies to participate in the evaluation. We are also happy to add agencies that you want to include. We also keep a database of the top agencies in each specialization making the screening process simpler.

How can I make sure I am paying a fair rate of agency compensation?
Including Guidant in your process also gives you the benefit of having an experienced negotiator for agency compensation to get you the best terms possible. If an agency if asking for too much we will tell you. Keep in mind that the review process will include several agencies from which you can compare. We have also found that having a 3rd party involved incentivizes the agencies to offer lower rates and reasonable terms.

How can I increase the chances of success with the new agency?
Guidant offers several additional services including digital strategy consulting and even account management for companies lacking internal resources. We also recommend that part of our engagement should include benchmarking and establishing a measurement framework. Finally, we offer ongoing auditing services to clients including periodic agency performance review. The scope of our engagement is customized based on your needs.

What does it cost to hire Guidant for agency search?
It always depends upon the scope of the review and we offer a variety of compensation models ranging from an hourly rate to fixed scope project. We also offer services where the chosen agency pays the fees. Contact us for an initial assessment.