Digital Marketing Consulting Services

Punch Above Your Weight Class with Outsourced Digital Marketing Support.
Driving performance from an agency or consultant for any type of marketing campaign is a challenge even for the most savvy of marketing managers. One of the primary reasons that we started Guidant Search was because we became frustrated that many of our prospects were making poor and under-informed decisions on strategy or when selecting agency partners.


  • New Perspectives on digital tactics and projects
  • An objective external view of agency partners
  • New Perspectives on digital tactics and projects
  • Leverage needed to push agency partners to outperform contracts
  • Support & training of your internal staff

Digital Strategy

Many companies start by searching for agencies to execute tactics. We have found that many times the tactic may not be the right tactic for that company at that time. We help companies create a path to digital marketing success by defining strategy which then determines the tactics to be implemented. Learn more about our digital marketing strategy consultation process

Agency Search & Selection

We help you avoid costly mistakes. This is our primary service where we work with you and advise you from start to finish during the agency selection process. The service includes our own analysis and assures you peace of mind when entering into an agreement. We help you find and select the right digital marketing agency partners.

Account Management Services

Many people ask why we don’t offer the services ourselves. Quite simply, we wanted to something different that would allow us to help more companies. We also believe that there are a lot of really good agencies. Some companies lack internal resources or just want to ensure efficient execution and reporting on the digital marketing campaigns. For these clients we offer Account Management Services.

Agency Audits & Performance Evaluation

If you are currently working with an agency for SEO, paid search, or any other online advertising, Guidant offers services to audit the performance of that agency. We act on your behalf as an unbiased extension of your company to assess your partners. We will also review the contracts and determine whether your agency partner is in compliance with the agreed upon scope of work. Discover how we can help improve the performance of your agency relationships