Our Mission

Connecting SMB’s & Startups with the Right Digital Marketing Channels & Agency Partners
Our mission at Guidant Search Partners is to help companies to implement digital marketing tactics while avoiding making costly mistakes on digital strategy or when selecting an agency partner. Our guiding philosophy is that all companies deserve good service, transparency, and a realistic chance to achieve success from their online marketing efforts.

Our Core Beliefs include:

  • We are Channel Agnostic – the right digital marketing channel for one company may not be the right one for your company
  • We are Agency Agnostic – there are a lot great agencies and some bad ones. We play matchmaker and connect you with the right one(s) for your company.
  • All campaigns & tactics should be accurately measured
  • No company should have to try 3 or more agencies before achieving success
  • Companies should understand exactly what the agency is doing for them
  • Companies should understand what they are expected to do
  • Companies deserve value for the dollars they invest
  • While risk can never be eliminated when doing online marketing (or advertising), it should be minimized
  • SEO campaigns require commitment but companies should be able to able move on if the agency is not doing what they promised