Why Hire an Agency Search Consultant

10 Ways a Consultant Will Help Your Business

Hiring an Agency Search Consultant or digital strategist is like adding a new team member who becomes an extension of your marketing and/or executive staff. Adding this type of experience and expertise saves time, adds structure to the process, and ultimately significantly improves the chances of achieving successful results and having a good relationship with your agency of choice.Even marketers with some experience with search and social media marketing have challenges when it comes to differentiating the services that agencies offer. Companies need an impartial partner who has worked on the agency side of the industry and has developed a vast network and resources to separate the fact from fiction that the agencies pitch.A good consultant will ultimately be doing so much more than searching for and screening potential agencies which is only a small component of what an agency search consultant will be doing for you. Here are 10 benefits you get from hiring and agency search consultant for your digital marketing campaigns:

  1. Expertise – A deep understanding of the search and social media marketing agency space combined with over a decade of experience developing and executing campaign strategies ensures proper SOW development and the best agency selection.
  2. Time Savings – A consultant organizes and orchestrates every step of the agency review, saving client’s time and money. Many time this benefit alone often offsets the cost of our fees.
  3. Process – Finding and selecting agencies is what we do and we have developed processes that work and elevate the chances of success.
  4. Focus – Searching for and assessing potential agency partners diverts attention away from other important business that busy marketing execs need to focus on
  5. Insider Knowledge – There is often little differentiation between agencies. Our vast industry contacts allow us to keep up with the changing landscape and know which agencies are really keeping up with pace of change and where the best talent is located.
  6. Search is Highly Specialized – Companies with even the savviest of marketers are not always familiar with everything that is available in the marketplace.
  7. Alignment – Consultants eliminate the over reliance on referrals from colleagues that may not be the right “fit” for your company and may not align well for your needs.
  8. Level Playing Field – A search consultant provides a level playing field. Since we are executing the campaigns we have zero bias when searching for the right fit.
  9. Accountability – Clients don’t have to spend time “getting sold” and agency search consultants offer an added layer of accountability to the selection.
  10. Customization – Every review is unique because all companies have unique specialized needs.

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